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Observing Log

My main telescope is a Meade LX10. It is an 8" SCT that I bought several years ago. I have upgraded to a 8x50 finder scope and also have mounted a Telrad finder on the scope. I also have a Celestron 80mm Wide angle scope that I use for casual and terrestrial viewing.

I use a Canon Rebel G 35mm camera for photography. I piggyback the camera to the telescope and use the 30-80mm lense for wide angle shots. I also have a Meade off-axis guider for prime focus photography and a Mead tele-extender for eyepiece projection. I also plan to use the 80mm scope as a long focal length lense for some other piggyback shots

Other equipment includes a pair of Bushnell 10x50 binoculars. I also have the Sky Atlas 2000. Charts for finding my way around the sky. Other equipment includes various software packages and a polarizing moon filter.

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